What Golf Balls Do Pros Use? Find the Best for Your Game


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What Golf Balls Do Pros Use?

Do you want to know what kind of golf balls the pros use? There are many different kinds, and it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Looking at what professional golfers use can help you improve your own golf skills.

If you want to get better at golf, picking the right golf ball can really help you play better. By learning about the golf balls that pro players like, you can choose the best one for your game. This article will talk about the golf balls used by top professionals and what makes them choose those balls.

What Golf Balls Do Pros Use

Professional golfers pick their golf balls very carefully, considering how they play and what they need from a ball. Here’s a look at what some top players use:

Justin Thomas uses the Titleist Pro V1x

  • This ball helps him play with great accuracy and control, which is important for his style of precise and consistent golf.
  • He likes the Pro V1x because it helps him make the shots he wants, especially when the game gets tough.

Jon Rahm uses the TaylorMade TP5

  • Rahm’s choice, the TP5, gives him a good mix of distance, control, and spin, matching his strong and accurate playing style.
  • The TP5’s five-layer build helps him play consistently and with control, which is great for his aggressive way of playing.

Bryson DeChambeau uses the Bridgestone Tour B X

  • DeChambeau goes for the Tour B X because it gives less spin on long shots and more on short ones, which suits his powerful and analytical playing method.
  • This ball helps him achieve the distance and accuracy he needs, fitting his scientific approach to golf.
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Phil Mickelson uses the Callaway Chrome Soft X

  • Mickelson likes the Chrome Soft X because it feels soft and gives him great control when spinning the ball, which is key for his excellent short game.
  • This ball suits his bold playing style, especially for making accurate shots close to the greens.

Shane Lowry uses the Srixon Z-Star XV

  • Lowry prefers the Z-Star XV because it gives him a good mix of hitting the ball far and controlling it well, which is helpful in windy conditions.
  • He chooses this ball for its reliable performance and ability to handle tough courses.

Factors Influencing Golf Ball Choice For Pros

Professional golfers think carefully about many important factors when choosing their golf balls, as these choices can really help improve how they play:

Compression and Swing Speed

  • Golfers pick a ball with the right hardness (compression) that matches how fast they swing, to get the most out of their shots.
  • Players with a quick swing often choose harder balls because they transfer energy better and can fly farther.

Ball Construction

  • The way a golf ball is made, including how many layers it has, affects how it moves and performs.
  • Simple two-piece balls, with just a core and cover, are good for flying straight and lasting long.
  • More complex balls with three or more layers offer extra features like better spin, control, and feel, which are great for pros who want to play their best.

Dimple Pattern and Aerodynamics

  • The pattern of small indents (dimples) on a golf ball affects its flight and how it moves through the air.
  • Pros test different dimple designs to find the ball that gives them the best stability, flight path, and resistance to wind.

Advances in Golf Ball Technology

Golf ball technology has advanced a lot, leading to big improvements in how golf balls perform for professional players:

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Technological Advancements in Design and Materials

  • New developments in materials science have made golf balls more sophisticated, with better core materials that transfer energy more efficiently and help the ball travel further.
  • The use of high-quality polymers for the ball’s cover has made them more durable and better at controlling spin, while multi-layer designs enhance overall performance in terms of distance, spin, and control.

Influence on Professional Golfers’ Preferences

  • These improvements in golf ball technology are affecting what balls professional players choose, as they look for balls that give them an advantage in competitions.
  • Golfers can now pick from a range of balls that are designed to improve specific parts of their game, whether that’s hitting the ball further, being more precise on approach shots, or having more control around the greens.

Customization and Performance Optimization

  • Personalized golf ball fittings allow professionals to find balls that perfectly suit their playing style and strategy.
  • This level of customization, combined with the latest technology, helps players fine-tune their equipment for the best performance in tournaments.

How Sponsorships Affect Pro Golfers’ Ball Choices

Sponsorships have a big impact on which golf balls professional players choose, involving money, performance, and what the player likes:

Influence of Sponsorships

  • Players often have deals that require them to use a certain brand of ball, which directly affects their choice.
  • These deals can shape what ball a player prefers, as they offer financial rewards and provide equipment that’s specially made for the player’s needs.

Balancing Personal Preference and Contractual Obligations

  • Golfers need to balance what they like in a golf ball with the rules of their sponsorship deals.
  • The challenge is to find a ball that fits the deal’s rules but also suits their style of play and performance needs.
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Customization and Feedback Integration

  • To match sponsorships with what players like, companies customize golf balls based on the players’ feedback.
  • This teamwork ensures the golf balls meet the high standards and needs of top players, helping them perform their best in competitions.


Q: What brand of golf balls do most pros use?

A: Many pro golfers choose balls from famous brands such as Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and Srixon. The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are favorites for a lot of the best players.

Q: Why do pros prefer certain golf balls?

A: Professional golfers choose specific golf balls that work best for their style of playing. They look at how the ball flies, how much it spins, how it feels when putting, how long it lasts, and how well it works with various clubs.

Q: How often do pros change their golf balls during a round?

A: Pro golfers might change their golf balls many times during a match to make sure they use a ball that’s in good shape. They’re allowed to change balls between holes to avoid using one that’s scratched or damaged.

Q: Do professional golfers use the same golf balls as amateurs?

A: Pro golfers usually use the same types of golf balls that anyone can buy, but sometimes they pick special versions made just for their own way of playing. They can get golf balls that are slightly changed or customized, which aren’t always sold to everyone else.

Q: Can the type of golf ball make a significant difference in a pro’s performance?

A: Yes, it does. The kind of golf ball a pro uses can really change how well they play. The way the ball is made, including its core, layers, and cover, can affect how far it goes, how it flies, how much it spins, and how it feels.